Services Provided

Pets First Diane’s Priority Pet Care Offers Services Sensitive to Pets’ Best Welfare.

Pets First serves birds large and small, dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs (caveys), ferrets & other small mammals. On a case by case basis I may also serve larger mammals. I’ve cared for a horse, sheep, llamas and an alpaca.

One care option is kennel-free pet boarding or day care in my home. Here the pet, usually a dog, is truly a guest. The dog can move freely through much of the large house, play in a large secure backyard or during inclement weather, in a room designed for active play, sleep in comfort at night perhaps even on the bed. Given lots of individual attention, the pet stays on his own diet, again increasing the likelihood that the pet will remain healthy and happy. I focus on the individual pet’s needs rather than giving a low-ball base price and then ramping up the service with add-ons, as some places do. I often consider these add-ons as essentials. Smaller mammals & birds stay in their cages when with me, except when I individually let them out to play in “safe” areas.

Calls to the pet’s home is a second option. In addition to the normal “chores” such as food, water, walks or litter boxes, I or an associate will spend time with the pet. For the pet, this minimizes stress and may actually prevent the pet from becoming physically ill or acting out negative behaviors.

Additional services available include brushing, brushing teeth, giving medications and performing some at-home medical procedures that the pet’s veterinarian has prescribed. Gentleness and careful documentation are hallmarks.

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