Meet & Greet

Before you and your pets officially work with us we need to do a Meet & Greet to make sure we are a good fit! 

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Get Started!

​The process begins with a complimentary Meet & Greet visit lasting about ½ hour, at your home.

At this time you can complete a Pet History and some basic information about you and your pet. You can also learn about Pets First, meet the pet care provider (usually Diane) and ask all of the questions you might have.

At this time the paperwork can be completed.

Also, your pet and Diane can get to know each other. If the services of Pets First are retained your pet will have a friend, rather than a stranger, entering their home.

If you desire to have your pet boarded or wish for daycare at Diane’s facility, the Meet & Greet appointment will be at Diane’s home. It will be comprised of you, your pet(s), and Diane. You and your pet will be able to see the home and know it is a comfortable, happy place. Diane will be able to evaluate the compatibility of your pet.

Paperwork will be started, and perhaps completed.

The list of things to bring is discussed and is a necessary part of any pet’s stay.

 If the “green light” is given by all, the owner can schedule a true boarding stay at Diane’s, subject to availability. 

 Dogs also have room to play outside in a totally secured large backyard or indoors. If appropriate, pets may be walked or brushed (including teeth). Pets always receive lots of personal attention.

Diane gives significant attention to pets with special needs. Attention is given to pets’ medical needs, such as oral medications, insulin and allergy injections, and certain other procedures normally done by the owner at home under a veterinarian’s prescription.

Pets First Diane’s Priority Pet Care

Lake Oswego pet sitting expert with over 15 years of industry experience. 

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