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Pets First Diane’s Priority Pet Care

Pets First Diane’s Priority Pet Care is a family run business established in 2006. Its name is a true expression of my feelings for my furred and feathered clients: Pets really do come first at Pets First! Pets are my passion and I really love working with them and their owners for a one of a kind pet sitting experience.

Our Mission

Happy and Healthy Pets

My focus and mission is to provide my client pets with the best, most reliable, knowledgeable and loving care that I and my hand-picked assistants can possibly provide. That way their owners can have peace of mind when they’re away. Their pets can stay healthy and happy.

Love and Snuggles

As a “pet parent” myself of cats, dogs, birds, and a house bunny over the years, I know how important our pets are to us.

It’s not enough to have someone come to our home, clean the cat’s litter box put out fresh food and water, and then quickly leave.

It’s not healthy, physically or mentally to keep our beloved friends in a kennel or a cage where they will be alone most of the time.

Your pets are used to a home and human companionship. They need someone who demonstrates love for them and gives them more than basic physical needs. They need someone who will give them loving attention.

Paying attention to the emotional well-being of a pet is as important as addressing its physical well-being.

A happy pet is far more likely to be healthy physically and also to refrain from negative behaviors when reunited with you.

Insured & Bonded

Pets First Diane’s Priority Pet Care is insured, licensed and bonded so you can be assured that you have professionals taking care of your pets.